Bears Are Brainy Show Opening

Bears Are Brainy Show Opening

My recent "Bears Are Brainy" show opening was a lovely evening that filled my heart with lots of gratitude. It marked my first solo show in nearly a decade, making it a profoundly meaningful milestone for me.

Joëlle Diane outside of Up Front Art Space for 'Bears Are Brainy' show opening

Gallery view of Brainy Bear Collection

Despite the downpour that hit just as the doors opened, I was amazed by the dedicated group of admirers who braved the rain to attend. Their presence warmed my heart, and I can't thank them enough for their unwavering support. Special shoutout to those who came into the gallery soaking wet—your commitment means the world to me!

Picture with friend at Bears Are Brainy show opening





Joëlle Diane with friend at 'Bears Are Brainy' show opening at Up Front Art Space
Joëlle Diane and Rob Greer of ZaBre Inspire, Akron Artists, Summit Artspace Artist

In the days leading up to the show, my parents graciously looked after my daughters, allowing my husband and me to focus on any last-minute preparations. It was a beautiful moment when my mom arrived with the girls. Their excitement and enthusiasm upon seeing the collection were priceless. It was so sweet when my youngest daughter exclaimed, "letters!" and began singing the ABCs. Witnessing the girls' connection to the artwork made this evening even more special as all of this has truly been a dedication to them.

"The Brainy Bear Collection" showcased in this exhibition holds a deeply personal significance for me. It represents the delicate balance I've navigated between motherhood, the pandemic, sickness and my artistic pursuits. As a mother, I have faced unique challenges in finding the time and space for my creative expression. Balancing the nurturing of my young daughters with the logistical issues of storing art supplies and creating with a toddler in constant proximity have proved to be a formidable task.

In response to these challenges, I have delved into the world of digital art. It has became a medium that has allowed me to maintain my creative momentum while being fully present for my family. Many of the pieces in this collection were born during tender moments of breastfeeding or soothing my youngest daughter to sleep. The artworks embody a true extension of my motherhood as this collection so deeply represents the harmonization of my roles as a mother and an artist. 

Each illustration within the collection offers a vibrant and whimsical interpretation of various animals, from the Alpaca to the Zebu. My intention was to instill in my children a deep appreciation for nature and art, igniting their curiosity about the world around them. Through these artworks, I aimed to build a bridge between the enchantment of the natural world and the joy of artistic expression.

Looking ahead, I envision the "Brainy Bear Collection" eventually coming to life and be published within the pages of a book featuring each of the animals. I see it serving as both a coffee table book for art lovers to admire, perhaps even tearing out pages to adorn their own walls, and as an educational journey for curious readers. By sharing these pieces with the world, my ultimate aspiration is to inspire others to embrace their passions while gracefully juggling their everyday responsibilities. I want to encourage individuals to find unyielding joy, wonder, and balance in the natural world and the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us every single day.

In the meantime, I've created a coloring book for creatives to enjoy! It's currently available in the gallery or you can download a digital version from my website.

Bears Are Brainy Coloring Book

To all those who were able to attend, your support and love touched me to the core. Rain or shine, your presence made the evening truly unforgettable. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

This collection will be on display until July 23rd, 2023. 

Click here to see the full collection.

Joëlle Diane's 'Bears Are Brainy' show flyer at Up Front Art Space

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