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  • Wedding Portrait - Matt & Caitlin

    Matt & Caitlin

    Matt & Caitlin had a magical wedding in Felton, California with all kinds of whimsical elements. I had so much fun helping to commemorate the event incorporating the photo booth set the couple built.

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  • Rob & Ellen

    Rob & Ellen hired us to design their wedding card invitation as well as a painting of their venue. It was a delight working with this couple and incorporating the floral and color elements they wanted to feature.

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  • Mother & Daughter

    Bess, co-host of the Survive + Thrive Podcast, found out she had breast cancer in 2021 and hired us to illustrate one of her favorite photographs holding her young daughter. We felt honored to paint this special moment with such a truly beautiful and powerful mother.

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  • Daughters

    Our client was so excited to recieve a high resolution image of this watercolor illustration of their daughers as well as multiple identical giclée prints for their home and for the grandparents.

  • Julie's Pup

    Julie fell in love with our Brainy Bear collection and was seeking a portrait to capture her pup's sassy personality in that style.

  • Steve & Leeanna

    A friend of Steve & Leeanna's hired me to do a portait of the couple as a gift for thier wedding shower.

  • S.R. Photography

    Sam, of S.R. Photography, has a talent for photographing some of the most difficult clients, children. A mother and a very skilled ameture photographer, she knows just the right thing to say to put the rowdiest children at ease and capture beautiful moments in all their glory.

  • Justin & Julianna

    What better way to remember your wedding day than with a beautiful watercolor vignette? So grateful to work with this beautiful couple.

  • Sadie

    We worked to commemorate the loss of Sadie with this sweet illustration of her with her baby. It's a sad and difficult time after the loss of a beloved pet - especially one so gentle and sweet.

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