Collection: Sojourner Truth Collection

We are deeply honored to have been chosen by the Sojourner Truth Committee to contribute to their cause by creating merchandise that will support the Sojourner Truth Education Fund. Each item within this collection stands as a tribute to Truth's enduring legacy and serves to propel forward the mission of the Sojourner Truth Education Fund.

Sojourner Truth illustration with impala lilies - the truth is powerful and will previal

A Remarkable Legacy

Sojourner Truth, born Isabella Baumfree in 1797 in Ulster County, New York, transcended the confines of slavery to become one of history's most formidable abolitionists and champions of women's rights. Her unwavering dedication to equality and justice for all remains an inspiration to this day. The echoes of her resounding "Ain't I A Woman" speech, delivered at the 1851 Women's Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, continue to reverberate, challenging societal norms and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities.

Supporting Education and Awareness

With every purchase from our collection, a portion of the proceeds directly contributes to the Sojourner Truth Education Fund. This vital fund is dedicated to realizing the committee's vision of establishing an educational center at the very site where Sojourner Truth delivered her impassioned speech. By investing in our merchandise, you not only support this noble endeavor but also play a crucial role in elevating awareness of Sojourner Truth's enduring impact on history and her special connection to Akron, Ohio. 

Sojourner Truth Legacy Plaza Celebration Flyer - May 29th, 2024 - 37 N. High Street in Akron, Ohio

What Makes Us Different?

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