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I'm Joëlle, the driving force behind Monochrome Canvas. Art, to me, is more than a pretty picture on the wall; it's a medium through which I strive to leave a positive mark on the world. Juggling roles as an artist, spouse, parent, nature enthusiast, travel lover, and an advocate for social justice and climate reform – I strive to draw inspiration from every facet of my life to infuse my work with purpose and significance.

Born in Akron, my roots run deep in the city's art community. I studied in the visual and performing arts programs at Miller South and Firestone High School, transitioning from dance to visual art along the way. I then went on to study fine art at the Columbus College of Art & Design and also abroad in Florence, Italy.

Post-college, I traveled around the country, taking on different odd jobs. I lived in Snowmass Village near Aspen, Colorado for a time, then moved to Chicago and had an opportunity to work with my dear friend, Caitlin Noah, on her indie film 'Retch.' In that project, I worked in the creative role of lead production designer. At the completion of that project, Caitlin moved to LA to be closer to the thriving film industry and I moved to Florida for a business startup. Eventually, I came back to Northeast Ohio because being near family and old friends felt right. Having lived in and traveled to incredible cities across the country, I can honestly say Ohio, especially this area, has a lot to offer and I'm proud to call Northeast Ohio home.

Upon returning to the region, I found a role as a Creative Coordinator with a commercial wall covering company headquartered in Akron, Ohio. However, as the company underwent a major restructuring, splitting its operations between Akron and Louisville, I was confronted with the decision to move to Kentucky to continue my work. This shift solidified my preference for staying rooted in Northeast Ohio.

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Staying rooted in Northeast Ohio allowed me to fully embrace starting my family and putting down genuine roots in the community—a decision I made in 2016, a year marked by pivotal personal and professional changes, including getting married and taking the leap to break away from traditional employment. I seized the opportunity to launch Monochrome Canvas, which at the time functioned as a design studio offering contract artwork and graphic design services.

As I was fully immersed in client-facing graphic design work, I underwent a period of significant growth in honing my skills in the Adobe Suite and becoming more adept at meeting client expectations. However, I also realized the limitations of this work—much of the development of flyers, brochures, and newsletters felt soulless, lacking the personal touch and creative fulfillment I craved. Adding to the challenge, I was juggling the responsibilities of raising young children during this time, leaving little room for developing work that truly resonated with me. As my children grew a little bit older and I gained more freedom, I began to rediscover the joy of creating artwork that I was passionate about. Much of the art I love developing involves thin lines and transparencies, which contrasts with the bold features and striking imagery typically associated with graphic design intended for things like newsletters and brochures.

As I worked to build my portfolio that really marked this transition in my life, I found that the only print reproductions capable of convincingly capturing my art were giclée prints. While exploring options for reproducing my artwork, I came across a printing company based in Florida. I was drawn to their diverse selection of paper, consistent quality, and easy ordering system. The only issue was the distance.

In an effort to support local resources, I sought out options for artwork reproduction that mirrored the qualities I admired about the Florida printer. Unfortunately, I discovered a significant gap in available services within our region—nowhere seemed to offer the same versatility and ease in ordering.

Leveraging my expertise in art, design, print, and my professional experience as a color matcher, I recognized an opportunity to fill this gap in our local community. And so I decided to expand the services of Monochrome Canvas to include giclée printing. Today, we take pride in offering both design and printing services, tailored to the needs of local artists, photographers, and art enthusiasts.

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In my daily endeavors, I find myself engaged in a myriad of creative projects that fuel my passion for art, community, and sustainability. Partnering with local businesses, I lend my design expertise to craft visually captivating solutions for special events and branding initiatives. Whether it's developing captivating designs for a local t-shirt company or undertaking a rebranding project with a local dog training company, I'm dedicated to helping businesses thrive through compelling visual storytelling.

As an extension of my professional commitments, I'm deeply committed to giving back to the community through collaborations with charitable organizations. Creating artwork and merchandise to support various causes allows me to use my skills to make a positive impact. Additionally, I'm excited about the Akron T-Shirt Club, a collaborative venture that brings together local artists to create unique designs for monthly releases. It's a platform that celebrates the rich tapestry of creativity in our community and fosters connections among artists and art enthusiasts. I'm dedicated to building strong ties within the creative community, expanding my artistic horizons, and supporting causes close to my heart. 

Hey, thanks for being here!! I want to express my sincere gratitude for your interest in learning more about me and the growth of my company. Your presence here means a lot to me. If there's anything else you'd like to explore or inquire about, whether it's about my artistic endeavors, community initiatives, or anything else, please feel free to reach out. I'm always here and excited to connect with you further!

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