The Real Real

The Real Real

Welcome to my world...

where from the outside, it might appear lovely and serene. However, behind the facade lies a reality where the laundry piles up, health symptoms flare, and unspoken challenges can feel overwhelming.

As a working mom, I navigate a delicate balance of trying to keep my life together while facing hidden battles that shape my daily reality. Juggling parenthood, artistic pursuits, and managing my health conditions creates a lot of chaos.

Amidst the whirlwind, it's easy to overlook the unseen struggles that accompany the everyday madness. Behind closed doors, I am truly grateful for my incredibly supportive husband, who plays a crucial role in our family dynamic. He not only helps out with visible messes but also takes on the unseen tasks like managing bills, organizing our calendar, and scheduling appointments. His support lightens the load and allows me to navigate the challenges that come with my chronic illnesses and mental health.

My two children bring endless laughter, joy, inspiration, and kisses. My oldest daughter's brilliance amazes me as I watch her learn and grow. Her logic skills are becoming increasingly persuasive, making negotiations a growing challenge. My youngest is a natural performer, always finding ways to make us laugh with her singing, dancing, and delightful sense of humor. Their presence brings light into the mountainous mess, reminding me of the beauty in even the most challenging moments.

Though our lives may appear lovely from the outside, every journey has its flaws and complexities. Parenthood, chronic illnesses, and mental health struggles add layers of complexity, and it's okay to acknowledge the difficulties they bring.

I don't know what kind of facade I portray. Maybe to some, it's someone who has their shit together, but to the parents who see me struggling to buckle my two-year-old, who is only wearing one shoe, into her crumb-filled car seat with my hair uncombed, it might paint a different picture.

Behind the lens of however I do come across lies a silent struggle with Sjögren's syndrome—a chronic illness that manifests in persistent body aches, relentless fatigue, brain fog, and other uncomfortable symptoms. These invisible ailments permeate my daily life, turning even the simplest tasks into formidable obstacles. They serve as a constant reminder of the importance of self-care as I strive to carve out moments of tranquility amidst life's demands.

Adding to the whirlwind, both my husband and I struggle with ADHD. Our restless minds dance to their own rhythm and aren't always the best team players. Focusing on one task becomes an arduous endeavor, with scattered thoughts and impulsive distractions pulling us in multiple directions. Balancing work, family, and personal aspirations feels like traversing a tightrope, with gusts of wind threatening to knock us off balance.

Furthermore, the lingering effects of past traumas cast a shadow on my daily life, causing anxiety and restlessness due to PTSD.

Behind closed doors, the weight of it all can be suffocating. The unspoken challenges of Sjögren's, ADHD, and PTSD magnify the struggles of a working mom, leaving me feeling isolated and overwhelmed. At times, a sense of inadequacy looms, as the invisible battles I face remain unseen by those around me.

Yet, amidst the chaos, I find hope.

Each day offers an opportunity for growth and transformation. Life won't always be defined by laundry piles and overwhelming symptoms. Change is constant, and as I press forward, I hold onto the belief that one day, life will look different from how it does today. In the meantime, I learn to appreciate the little things as they come.

In the journey of finding balance, I recognize the importance of self-compassion and seeking support. Together, we can foster a community that understands the complexities of being a working mom with hidden battles. By sharing our stories, we cultivate empathy, foster understanding, and offer solace to those who may feel alone in their struggles.

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