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Why Your Business Should Offer Giclée Prints

If you're a business selling artwork, you should consider including giclée reproductions of the work you're offering. This is especially relevant for coffee shops and restaurants that feature rotating artists. Giclée prints, typically valued at about 1/3 the cost of the original work, provide an excellent opportunity to increase sales by offering prints to customers who may not be willing to pay the full price. Moreover, it caters to customers who have fallen in love with a particular artwork but missed the chance to purchase the original.

While prints, in general, can be appealing, customers who are invested in artwork want their reproductions to resemble the original as closely as possible. Giclées excel at capturing the essence of the original piece and are printed using high-quality inks on archival, museum-quality papers that can withstand the test of time.

To ensure a successful partnership with creative contributors, take the time to understand their work. Consider asking them the questions I outlined in my previous post about pricing giclée prints. It is essential to ensure that the artist's style aligns with your business brand. For example, if your products are primarily whimsical and funny, selling Ansel Adams-esque landscape prints might not be the best fit for your customers.

Carefully determining the commission percentage is also crucial. Setting the percentage too high may discourage artists from working with you unless you are an exceptionally well-established and sought-after store or location. Even then, it's important to establish an agreement that demonstrates how your partnership will bring them increased traffic and followers. Additionally, you should offer marketing support for their work through your social media channels, flyers, and email campaigns. The industry standard for commission percentage is typically around 40%.

Keep in mind that hand-embellished giclée prints and limited edition prints signed by the artist hold even greater value. You can encourage limited runs through your business model and establish a contract with the artist to guarantee exclusivity. At Monochrome Canvas, we work with businesses to ensure that the signed contracts are honored and upheld.

When working with artists, it is crucial to request high-quality photographs or scans of their work at a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. This will ensure the best results, as the digital image needs to closely represent the original work. Here at Monochrome Canvas, with out Artwork Photography package, we work closely with local photographers to ensure the best print reproductions possible.

Monochrome Canvas offers a unique Partner Agreement that includes special discounts for business owners selling archival print reproductions of their selected artists' works. Contact us to learn more about this opportunity!

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