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As an artist, my intention with my illustration titled "OK America" is to draw attention to the desensitization towards gun violence that has become a new normal in our society. The faceless toddler holding an American flag and making the "OK" symbol with her other hand symbolizes the innocent and vulnerable state of our children, who are the ones most affected by this crisis. The use of muted colors and the absence of details in many of the elements represent the numbness and lack of emotion that we as a society have towards gun violence. The title itself is a statement on the current state of our nation and how we have become complacent with the status quo. Moreover, the use of the OK symbol, which was being co-opted by white supremacist groups at the time I developed this piece, was intended to be ironic. During that period, these groups were promoting the symbol as a gesture of their unification, and it was played up in news cycles to gain attention. Though it has since dissipated and is no longer talked about as frequently, at the time of making this piece, it was a hot topic. The blankness of the illustration is also intentional, representing children as "blank slates" when it comes to education and learning. Anti-woke bills threaten to leave our children uneducated and unaware of our history, which in turn perpetuates ignorance and reinforces societal apathy towards gun violence.

We hope that this illustration sparks conversations and encourages individuals to take action towards creating a safer and more empathetic world for our children.

All proceeds from this collection go to Moms Demand Action, a grassroots organization founded in 2012 by a group of mothers who were outraged by the senseless gun violence in our country. Today, the organization has grown into a nationwide movement with chapters in all 50 states. Moms Demand Action advocates for common-sense gun laws that protect our communities from gun violence and works to raise awareness about the dangers of guns and to promote responsible gun ownership. We are proud to support Moms Demand Action and their mission to create a safer, more peaceful world for our children and our communities. For more information about Moms Demand Action and their work, please follow the link.

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