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Akron Map

Akron Map

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Introducing our Color Coded Giclée Art Print Map of Akron, Ohio – a captivating masterpiece that artfully showcases the heart and soul of this vibrant city. Immerse yourself in Akron's charm as you explore its neighborhoods and countless streets in exquisite detail.

In a remarkable collaboration with Rubber City Clothing, their logo graces the artwork placed atop their location in Wallhaven, infusing this exceptional piece with a sense of local pride and character.

Crafted with precision on 100% cotton rag paper with a smooth finish, this high-quality art print promises to be a timeless addition to your collection. The color-coded design adds a touch of elegance while making it easy to navigate and appreciate the distinct characteristics of each neighborhood.

Choose from three versatile options: framed and matted for a polished look, framed for emphasis on intricate details, or an individual print to suit your personal style. Whichever you choose, this map is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your home or office space.

Ideal for Akron natives, frequent visitors, or anyone with an admiration for this unique city, our Color Coded Giclée Art Print Map of Akron, Ohio, captures the spirit of the city in a way that only art can. Revel in the beauty of Akron's streets and neighborhoods, and proudly display this captivating map as a conversation piece and an homage to the beloved Rubber City.

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