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Corn Couture

Corn Couture

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With this work Joëlle offers a glimpse into the complexities of social attitudes, with a touch of Ohio's cultural backdrop. By presenting a rich, Christian white lady amidst the symbolism of corn, she explores the nuances of social inequality. This print encourages viewers to question the prevailing norms and biases that perpetuate social divisions. Through the juxtaposition of the refined lady and the humble corn, Joëlle challenges our perceptions and prompts reflection on the disparities present in our society. This work serves as a visual invitation to contemplate the impact of social attitudes, highlighting the need for empathy, understanding, and a more inclusive outlook. 

Museum quality giclée print on traditional mold-made watercolor paper that features a distinct, highly textured surface. The natural white cotton fiber paper has a uniquely toothy feel and surface texture. 


Size: 8 x 8

Paper Finish: Matte Finish w/ a Highly Pronounced Felt Texture.

Texture Rating: ♦♦♦♦

Thickness: 24.4 mil

Density: 310 GSM

Opacity: 99% Opacity

Composition: 100% Cotton Fiber

Additional Notes: Acid, OBA, and Lignin Free

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Monochrome Canvas

Joëlle believes this world needs more empathy and creativity. Her work exemplifies these qualities through themes of nature, social justice, humor and intimate portraits.